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Records Archive Index

(In accordance with Massachusetts Public Records Access 950 CMR 32.00)

In accordance with Massachusetts 950 CMR 32.00, effective immediately all requests for public records must be given to Juliette Haas, Public Records Access Officer, or Mary Brazie, Secondary Public Records Access Officer.
Responses will be coordinated through the Public Records Access Officer. Requests for public records may be made orally, to include telephone requests, or in writing to the Public Records Access Officer. Written requests may be delivered by hand, by mail, via email or by fax.

The Town of Egremont's Records Access Officers (RAO) are:

Primary RAO: Juliette Haas
Email: townclerk@egremont-ma.gov
Telephone:413-528-0182 ext 11

Secondary RAO: Mary Brazie
Email: tegremont@egremont-ma.gov
Telephone:413-528-0182 ext 10

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 368 South Egremont MA 01258
If you need access to any of the Town's public records please address your request to the RAO.

Annual Reports:

Annual Town Report

Annual Town Meeting:

May 3, 2016



General Bylaws
Zoning Bylaw as amended May 5, 2015

Final Opinions, Decisions, Orders or Votes:

Awards of Federal, State and Municipal Government Grants:


Board of Selectmen
Finance Committee

Agricultural Commission
Board of Assessors
Conservation Commission
Council on Aging
Cultural Council
Emergency Management
French Park Committee
Green Committee
Board of Health
Historical Commission
Hydrant Committee
Library Trustees
Municipal Light Plant
Outdoor Recreation Bylaw Committee
Planning Board
Technology Committee
Water Commission
Zoning Board of Appeals

Notices of Hearings:

May 31, 2017 Zoning Board of Appeals Public Hearing 64 Main Street
April 5, 2017 Planning Board Public Hearing
April 4, 2017 Planning Board Special Permit Hearing 64 Main Street
March 29, 2017 Public Hearing for The Egremont Village Inn 17 Main Street
March 13, 2017 Public Hearing for propane storage at 109 Baldwin Hill Road E/W


Notices of Regulations Proposed Under M.G.L. c. 30A:

Policies and Regulations    Page

Winning Bids for Public Contracts:

Most documents are in pdf format; you may click this logo Adobe Button to access pdf reader software.

P. O. BOX 368    SOUTH EGREMONT, MA 01258
Physical Address: 171 EGREMONT PLAIN ROAD (ROUTE 71)
Telephone: (413) 528-0182   Fax : (413) 528-5465    Email Address: tegremont@egremont-ma.gov

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