Egremont Conservation Commission

Agenda for Thursday, March 8, 2018


Call to Order: 7:00 PM at Town Hall


Citizen Inquiries:


Projects (New and Ongoing)


Certificate of Compliance for National Grid pole installation at 92 Boice Rd.


Public hearings 7:30:


Request for Determination of Applicability (RDA) by Elaine Rush (RT) regarding installation of a subsurface sewage disposal system at 73 Jug End Rd., said site abutting the edge of the 200-ft Karner Brook riparian zone.

·   Request for determination of Applicability (RDA) by Peter Neustadter for installation of a solar array at 196 Egremont Plain Rd., said array to be located within the 200-ft. riparian zone of the Green River.

·     Notice of Intent (NOI) by Danielle Emlaw , 65 Main St. regarding tree removal and trimming on wetlands protected land bordering Karner Brook.

·     Notice of Intent (NOI) File 153-0213 by Peter & Robin Goldberg regarding demolition of an existing house, construction of a new house in a similar location and septic system and well upgrade at 68 Lakeside Dr. Proposed work will take place within the 100-ft. Buffer zone to Prospect Lake.

·     Notice of Intent (NOI) by John Bugsch for construction of a dwelling, cutting of trees and associated landscaping at 10 Sheffield Rd, portions of said proposal lying within the 200-ft, riparian zone of Karner Brook.




Administrative: Reading into the record notes from the 2/22 unofficial (due to lack of quorum) session.


Approval of prior meeting’s minutes




Next Meeting: March 22, 2018


All posted times are approximate and the Commission may consider other items not listed.