Egremont Conservation Commission

Agenda for Thursday, April 27, 2017


Call to Order: 7:00 PM at Town Hall

NOTE: New location. For the past year or so we have been meeting in the Selectmen’s meeting area. Henceforth, we are returning to holding meetings in our second floor office.


Citizen Inquiries


New Business


·        Welcoming of new Commissioner, David Seligman


7:15 Public Hearing: Continuation of NOI hearing re Shemshack, LLC, proposal regarding expansion of Jack’s Pond and improvements to surrounding land.


7:30 Public Hearing: NOI (Notice of Intent) by James Palmatier/North Egremont Recreation, Inc., 50 Prospect Lake Rd., re maintenance and repairs of Prospect Lake Dam.



·        Mt. Washington Rd. bridge site monitoring meeting 4/18

·        8:00--Updated NOI (Notice of Intent) by Denise Kohn and Adam Blank, 8 Lakeside Dr., regarding extensive work occurring within wetlands resource area and buffer zone.

·        Site visit Kirsch, Knox Lane, re taking out silt fencing


Old Business




Minutes of last meeting




Next Meeting: May 11, 2017


All posted times are approximate and the Commission may consider other items not listed.


-W. Tynan