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Egremont Green Committee

Recycling, Energy Conservation, Sustainability

Marj Wexler, Chair    528-3726
Richard Allen   Susan Bachelder   Corinna Barnard   Emily Eyre
Robin Goldberg    Juliette Haas   Pat Konecky

Latest Agenda:    Egremont Green Committee April 12

Minutes of Green Committee Meetings are available HERE

       "The Town of Egremont, a community of 1225 residents in Western Massachusetts, designated a Green Community by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is a community that actively supports clean, renewable energy; energy reduction and conservation; solid waste reduction; and good recycling practices. We hereby adopt, honor, and uphold the principles and goals enshrined in the Paris Climate Agreement.

      We will continue to meet our town's current energy-reduction goals and work to create a 21st-century clean energy economy. We will continue to lead. We will continue our investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency. We will continue our efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions, to create a clean, healthy environment, and to stand for environmental justice. We will work to build and strengthen relationships across the Commonwealth and the nation to protect the planet from harmful climate change."


Thank you for your recycling efforts over the past year. Following are some guidelines for recycling:


Please DO recycle the following items:
      Paper envelopes with windows, magazines, newspapers, inserts, junk mail, post-it notes, business cards, catalogs, white and colored paper, shredded paper (in paper bag), corrugated cardboard, paperboard (for example, cereal boxes), clean pizza boxes (no grease oe food), paperback books and phone books, construction paper, gift wrap, gift bags, cards and gift tissue paper (no metallic inks, foil, wire, glitter).
      Aluminum cans,foil, pie pans.
      Steel (tin) cans, empty, aerosol cans (laundry, food, beauty), beverage and pet food cans.
      Cartons: milk, juice, soup, soymilk and drink boxes.
      Glass food, beverage bottles and jars.
      Plastics (2.5 gals or less, caps and lids ok), food containers: margarine, yogurt, cooking oil, condiments, peanut butter; beverage bottles and jugs: soda, water, juice, milk, detergent bottles, clear clamshells, personal care bottles such as shampoo, soap, conditioner.


Please DO NOT include these items in your recycling mix:
      Plastic bags, plastic trays, plastic cups, anti-freeze and motor oil bottles, black plastic, plastics over 2.5 gallons, paper frozen food packaging, textiles.

(If you have any questions about recycling, please visit the MRF website at www.springfieldmrf.org)

Egremont Textile Recycling:

        We in Egremont take our trash and recycling very, very seriously. Over the past five years, our attention to recycling and waste diversion has lowered the town's annual trash hauling tonnage from 480 tons a year to 390 tons. This has meant considerable savings to the town as well as the environmental benefits of less material going to landfill or incineration.
        Another thing we can do is to remove textiles from what we throw away. "Textiles" include clothing, shoes, belts, handbags, stuffed animals, rugs, towels, sheets and linens. They represent as much as 6% of our annual trash, so it makes sense to look for ways to reuse, repurpose, or recycle them.
        Clothing in good condition can be given away, sold to consignment stores, and donated to charitable organizations or thrift stores. The Town of Egremont has arranged with Goodwill Industries to have a truck available once a month (usually the third Saturday of the month from 10 am to 2 pm) in front of Town Hall. Clothing and other textiles that are still in good condition are sold to fund their community work. Items too far gone are sold to textile recyclers who turn the fibers into rags, rugs, and the like.
        Some charitable organizations ship textiles overseas or shred them. Whatever you choose to do with your old textiles, do remove them from the waste stream to reduce our trash tonnage.
        So, remember, that paint-stained T-shirt or threadbare towel still has life to it - it can be reused, repurposed or recycled to see another day.

Textile Recycling Information:    MA DEP Beyond the Bin Recycling

Plastic Film Recycling Information:

(Click the Flyer for More Information)

- Hours for Goodwill Truck at Town Hall -

The Truck is at Town Hall on the third Saturday of the month from 11AM to 2PM. A List of Acceptable Items is available here.

--- Other Resources ---

Center for EcoTechnology:    http://cetonline.org/

Massachusetts Waste Disposal Bans      Information Page

Mini-Site Collections and CET Events Schedule:    Available Here

Goodwill Industries:    List of Acceptable Items

How to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle         Brochure   (Ready for Printing)

Composting Information:    Home Composting Guide

Springfield Materials Recycling Facility:    http://springfieldmrf.org/site/

--- Massachusetts Information ---

Office of the Governor:

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker


US Senator Ed Markey
US Senator Elizabeth Warren
US Congressman Richard Neal
State Senator Adam G. Hinds
State Representative William 'Smitty' Pignatelli

Massachusetts 211 Official Information Site:  Mass 211

--- Local Information ---

NeighborNET helps neighbors.

Membership in NeighborNET and EgPosts is open to all Egremont residents.

NeighborNET is to be used to ask for help from, and to offer help to your Egremont neighbors.
To join, contact Marj at 528-3726, or by email at mwexler43(AT)gmail(DOT)com

Egremont Posts posts events.

Egremont Posts is for telling about events, goings-on in town (or nearby), and other interesting tidbits.
To join, contact Bruce Bernstein at bhbernstein75(AT)gmail(DOT)com

Email Town Hall: tegremont@egremont-ma.gov

--- Emergency Phone 911 ---

Police Business Telephone: 413-528-2160
Fire Department Business Telephone: 413-528-1625

You may click on the box below to update your contact information for the Town's emergency alert system:

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