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Assessors are available from 9 AM to Noon, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2nd floor, Town Hall, Rte. 71, North Egremont.


  • Francine Groener
  • Alice Tortoriello
  • Susan Turner

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The Board of Assessors has released the Fiscal Year 2023 Valuation to the Select Board.

FY2023 residential valuation increased an average of 30% due to the market surge. The average residential tax bill increased 15.6% year-to-year due to a substantial budget increase voted at the 2022 Annual Town Meeting and an equally steep rise in the property tax levy required to fund the budget.

This year's tax rate is $7.00 per thousand, and last year was $7.93 per thousand.

How to Retrieve a Property Record Card

In response to frequently asked advice on retrieving a property record card, the assessors hope the following list of steps will guide you.

  • Click here to Search Property Record Cards. You will get a popup window; click the button Proceed to Site on the window's lower right. You will leave the Town website; if you wish to return to the Town website's Assessor page at any time, use the back arrow on your browser. You can also click here to download a PDF of these steps.
  • You will see a form you need to fill in with your house number and street. Please do not enter the road, street, lane, or avenue. You will fill in this information in the boxes labeled number and street (the street box has a red asterisk).
  • If you do not have a house number, skip this field and go to the dropdown menu under Jurisdiction; it is located to the far right on the form. Look for and select Egremont MA090.
  • Click the blue box, Search.
  • Your record will display with two additional smaller boxes. The left box, Profile, allows you to select different information about the property. The right box, Actions, allows you to print the record card. Choose the printable summary, and a new window will pop up with the button to print.

Change of Address.

You must fill out a Change of Address form if your address changes. The form is available below under Forms. You can get a printed copy at Town Hall. When filling out the Mailing Address Change Form, please indicate whether you are changing your status to Permanent Residence (Domicile). To establish a Permanent Residence (Domicile), you must “maintain a permanent place of abode and spend more than 183 days during the tax year” in Egremont.

Please note that the Assessors receive many requests for a seasonal change of address. Seasonal address changes must be done directly through the forwarding mail process offered by the U.S. Post Office. Assessors are not responsible for making temporary or seasonal address changes.

open land in late spring with 2 houses and surrounding hillsin the distance

Chapter 61 Briefly Explained

Chapter 61 programs offer a property tax break for landowners willing to keep some or all of their land undeveloped for a specified time.

Chapter 61 programs allow Massachusetts landowners to reduce their property taxes in exchange for providing important public benefits like clean water, wildlife habitat, rural character, wood products, food, and outdoor recreation.

Land not in a Chapter 61 program is assessed under Chapter 59 for its "highest and best use," which is considered its development value. When landowners choose to keep their land in Chapter 59, they may pay property taxes based on their land's development potential, even though their undeveloped land uses fewer town services, such as emergency services and schools, than developed land uses.

There are three different Chapter 61 programs:

  • Chapter 61, Forestry
  • Chapter 61A, Agriculture
  • Chapter 61B, Open Space and Recreation

All the programs aim to keep land undeveloped, and each program focuses on a different land use type. You are allowed to change your enrollment from one Chapter 61 program to another without penalty,

Get more details by downloading Chapter 61 Programs, Understanding the Massachusetts Chapter 61 Current Use Tax Programs.