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Animal control officer Kolb stranding  on the Egremont Police Station

Meet Egremont's Animal Control Officer Maximilian Kolb

Officer Kolb reminds those who find stray dogs within Egremont to do the following. No matter the day or time, phone the Egremont Police Station at 413-528-2160, and he will respond if on duty. If off duty, the Egremont police officer on duty will respond. If the Egremont Police Station does not pick up your call, a central dispatcher will send your message to an Egremont office, who will respond. Kolb or the officer on duty will try to identify the dog's owner and contact them. If an owner cannot be found within a reasonable period, Kolb or the officer on duty will see the dog is provided shelter and care.

Email Officer Kolb if you have questions about Egremont's animal control policies.

Going Away? Egremont Police Does House Checks

If a weeks-long vacation beckons or you're soaking up some southern sun, you can contact Egremont's Police Department to arrange a house check during your absence. Egremont's officers on duty will inspect your residence's exterior during daily patrol. All you have to do is to fill out the Department's Vacant Home Checklist with the exact location of your residence and your and your caretaker's (if any) contact information. Drop the form off at the Police Department next to Town Hall (171 Egremont Plain Rd, No, Egremont) or mail it to PO Box 368, Egremont, MA 01258. Peace of mind accomplished.

Vacant Home Checklist (PDF)


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Massachusetts Department of Transportation RMV

Important Information regarding your Driver's License and Real ID: View the RMV webpage.

Detector Information

Power Outrage

It is important to note that National Grid may not be aware of your situation during a power outage. Please make sure they know of your power loss by calling them at 800-322-3223. Also, please contact the Egremont Police Department so we know of possible downed power lines, etc. Reach us at 413-528-2160.

National Grid Information on Power Outages

Alert System

Update your contact information for the Town's emergency alert system via email.

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