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Egremont Village School children visit Egremont Fire Station

Children from the South Egremont Village School pay a visit to the nearby Egremont Fire Station on Main Street. Fire Chief Joe Schneider conducted their tour of the station. (Photo: C. Miller)

Volunteers Needed

The Fire Department is always looking for Volunteer Firefighters! Find out more about applying here. Please email the Fire Chief if you are interested.

Brush Burning Season

Brush Burning Season is closed until January 15, 2023.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Inspections

Inspections required by 527 CMR - Board of Fire Prevention Regulations and certificates issued thereunder will now incur a fee of $50 per visit; if the Fire Chief needs to reinspect after a first appointment, another fee will be charged.

Power Outage

It is important to note that National Grid may not be aware of your situation during a power outage. Please make sure they know of your power loss by calling them at 800-322-3223. Also, please contact the Egremont Police Department, so they know about possible downed power lines, etc. Reach the Police at 413-528-2160.

Alert System

Update your contact information for the Town's emergency alert system via email.

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