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  • Richard Allen
  • Mark Holmes, Secretaty
  • Judith Goodman, Co-Chairperson
  • Bruce Kafenbaum
  • Elizabeth Keen
  • Doug Mishkin, Co-Chairperson
  • Bob Noonan

Q&A on Municipal Affordable Housing Trust

Download the Q&A (PDF)

If you wish to read a summary in bullet format of General Bylaw 21 to allow the establishment of a housing trust known as the Egremont Municipal Housing Trust (passed by voters at Egremont's Annual Town Meeting and approved by the Attorney General on July 31, 2023)), click below to download.

Download Bullet Point Summary of Bylaw 21

MA Attorney General Letter July. 31. 2023, re: Establish Housing Trust

Purpose of Housing Committee

The Housing Committee advocates for and facilitates the creation and preservation of affordable and workforce housing in Egremont. "Affordable housing" and "Workforce Housing" are defined as housing restricted to persons or families with incomes respectively of 80% or 50% or less of area median income as determined by applicable governmental guidelines. Toward that end, the Committee:

  • Identifies properties for potential development
  • Prepares Requests for Proposals (RFPs), reviews responses and recommends appropriate action to the Select Board
  • Supports the Egremont Housing Trust, a 501(c)3 organization
  • Encourages rental unit owners to consider longer-term rather than seasonal rentals
  • Supports the development of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)
  • Applies for grants  that underwrite affordable and workforce housing development
  • Creates Egremont voter awareness around the critical need for affordable and workforce housing and strategies to develop such housing

Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) Housing Rehab Grant

Rehab grant funds allow qualifying homeowners (owner-occupied single/multi-family and investor-owned units) in Egremont to secure a 0% interest, deferred, forgivable loan to make critical home repairs. This program is designed to improve existing housing conditions of low and moderate-income resident households by eliminating code violations. Eligible repair activities will include, but not be limited to, electrical, heating, and plumbing work; minor structural repairs; roof and siding repairs; insulation and window replacements; lead paint and asbestos removal; and handicap accessibility improvements.

Dawn Lemon is the contact person for the CDBG Grant Program. Egremont residents who apply may contact Dawn at 413-645-3448.

Click the links below to learn more and apply.