Community Choice Power Supply Program

Egremont Municipal Aggregation

Dynegy Energy Services, the Town's current designated supplier of its Community Choice Power Supply Program projects electricity savings for enrolled residents once the new National Grid rates go into effect on November 1, 2022. Dynegy Energy uses an average of 600 kWh/month for residents. Enrolled residents will save $0.22983 per kWh per month, which, based on the average usage of 600 kWh/month, is a savings of $137/month for November 2022 through April 2023. This kWh rate is locked in until December 31, 2024. Savings affect supply, not distribution which remains a National Grid charge. Your National Grid bill will display Dynegy Energy under the electricity supplier to confirm your enrollment. If you are not enrolled but choose to enroll, contact Colonial Power online or by phone at 866-485-5858.

Background on Dynegy Energy and Community Choice Power Supply Program 

Dynegy Energy is the Town's current designated supplier for its Community Choice Power Supply Program (Program). It is also a "greener" (more renewable content than required by Massachusetts) product than the standard "brown" basic service electricity provided by National Grid. 

This Program is a municipal aggregation that enables local government to combine the purchasing power of its residents and businesses to provide them with an alternative to National Grid Basic Service (M.G.L. c. 164, § 134). The Program covers all Egremont residents unless a resident chooses to opt-out. This Program only affects the supply portion of your monthly bill. It will not affect the delivery portion of your monthly bill. National Grid will continue to deliver your electricity, but Egremont has chosen the supplier for the Program. Dynegy will provide an electric power supply for all consumers on Basic Service in Egremont. 

Per state law, this will inform you of your rights and options if you choose not to participate in the Program. You will not notice any change in your electricity service. The only difference you will see is that Dynegy will be printed under the "Supply Services" section of your monthly bill. You will continue to receive one invoice from National Grid and send your payments to National Grid for processing. National Grid will continue to respond to emergencies, read meters and maintain the distribution and transmission lines. Reliability and quality of service will remain the same. Furthermore, you will continue to have all existing consumer rights and protections.