Bylaw Review Committee

Bylaw Review Committee Egremont General Bylaws Page 1


  • Richard Allen
  • Stephen Goodman, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Mary McGurn, Chairwoman
  • Robert Sandor
  • Eileen Vining


The Egremont Selectboard charged the Bylaw Review Committee in February 2020 with the responsibility to review Egremont’s General Bylaws as to how the Bylaws fit the Town’s needs presently and into the foreseeable future. Tasks include:

  • Pinpoint bylaws with outdated sections and redraft
  • Identify unmet needs and propose bylaw responses
  • Simplify language
  • Eliminate gender bias
  • Bring consistency to terms and formatting
  • Reorganize and renumber to facilitate search

The work of the Bylaw Review Committee will culminate with voter approval at a Town Meeting.