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Egrermont Transfer Station swap shop
colorful graphic showing how Discover Books operates from pickup to resale, redistribution, and recy

New to the Transfer Station: You Can Recycle Books Through Discover Books!

The Town has partnered with Discover Books, a national company creating sustainable paths for used and new books to be loved and shared in communities. Discover Books (click here to learn more) resells, redistributes, and recycles the books it collects before they end up in landfills. Check out the above graphic to visualize how this works.

Look for their blue bin at the Transfer Station, where you can deposit your unwanted books - hardcover, paperbacks, textbooks, law books, magazines, etc. The only unwanted book is a phone book. You'll help the Town reduce its annual trash production and help save on disposal and hauling costs.

NOTE: You can still leave your books in the Swap Shop at the Transfer Station. Only those books that have languished for some time will move to the bin.

Discover Books also offers a curbside collection program if you have a high volume. Click here to get the details.

Discover Books has donated over 10 million books to North American and international nonprofit organizations. 

Discover Books has recycled over 500 million pounds of paper, saving books from landfill demise. Click here to go behind the scenes to learn how books are recycled.

White and green book recycle bin labeled Discover Books

What You Need to Know About Using the Transfer Station

You must have a transfer station decal affixed to your vehicle. You can obtain a decal by visiting the Select Board office in Town Hall or by calling 413-528-0182 ext 17.

Whether you take your material yourself or have a hauler bring it to the Transfer Station, you must separate your trash and follow all the rules stated on the signs in front of the various dumpsters. Egremont's recycling program must be adhered to; the Town is fined for failure to recycle correctly. Ask the transfer station operators on duty or phone Town Hall if you have questions. Please be kind to the attendants; they are only enforcing the rules. Please remember the following:

  • Follow all state waste bans.
  • Use the trash compactor for bagged trash only - no loose trash
  • Use the paper bin for paper products
  • Use the bottle and cans bin for recycling glass, plastic, aluminum, and carton containers.
  • You are encouraged to compost your kitchen scraps and bring them to the community compost bin at the Transfer Station. Please put your compost in the space between the concrete barriers. Do not toss it in front of the barriers. Compost does not include plastic - only food waste.
  • If you plan to browse the Swap Shop, please do not abandon your vehicle in front of the compactor and recycling bins. Doing so is disrespectful to others needing to depose their trash.
  • Fees are charged for certain dumped items. Before dumping anything in the C and D and Metals bins, please check with the operators.

Please DO NOT include these items in your recycling mix:

  • Plastic bags, trays, cups
  • Anti-freeze and motor oil bottles
  • Black plastic
  • Plastics over 2.5 gallons
  • Paper frozen food packaging

Remember to drive slowly and carefully when going up and down the access road to the Transfer Station.

What You Need to Know About Mattress and Textile Recycling

Effective November 1, 2022, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) added textiles, mattresses, and box springs to its ban on disposing of these items in landfills, meaning they must be recycled. The ban's goal is to reduce the amount of waste deposited in the constantly shrinking landfills. According to the MassDEP, 95% of the textiles recovered can be recycled. The Town of Egremont has met this new ban by adding two collection programs to the Town's many other recycling programs.

Drop off mattresses and box springs of any size in acceptable condition (not heavily soiled, mildewed, or wet, and free of bed bugs and other insects/vermin) at the Egremont Transfer Station for a fee of $33 per unit. Or, schedule a pick-up at your home for a $65 per unit fee by arranging an appointment online with Tough Stuff Recycling (choose the residential option). Tough Stuff's truck will be in Egremont monthly to make pick-ups. 85% of your old mattress and box spring material is recyclable.

Diagram labeling the recyclable parts of a mattress

Please note the following regarding mattresses:
The mattress and box spring are two units
Baby bed mattresses are treated the same as regular-size mattresses
The same fee applies to all mattress sizes
You cannot recycle your mattress topper
You can recycle a mattress with or without the fabric on it.

Don't trash clothing, shoes, belts, handbags, bedding, towels, or small area rugs. Take them to Goodwill in Great Barrington (228 Stockbridge Rd) or deposit them in the two blue bins at the Egremont Transfer Station. Items in good condition are reusable; less good articles will be recycled into cleaning cloths or car rugs.

Visit the Massachusetts Textile Recovery web page for more information.

What You Need to Know About Leaf and Grass Clippings

We offer our residents leaf and grass clipping collection at the Egremont Transfer Station. Deposit your leaves in the leaf drop area on the right side of the hill going up to the Transfer Station.

Deposit your grass clippings in the left compartment of the community compost bin. No commercial loads, please.

Where to Learn More About Recycling

Check the Board of Health and Green Committee web pages for information on Mini-Site Collections and the Center for Ecological Technology Events Schedule, as well as quick access to other helpful recycling resources.