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French Park Pavillion Booked Dates 2023 (PDF)

French Park Reservation Form (PDF)

Reminder: There are no motorized recreational vehicles allowed at French Park, either in the park area or on the trails. You may occasionally see a 4 wheeler on the trails in the summer that is a town official checking the trails for safety.

Egremont is very lucky to have a park as wonderful as French Park. Our crew works very hard to maintain it and appreciates the respect and care that most users give the Park.

A few things to note:

  • When someone reserves the Pavilion for an event they have exclusive use of the Pavilion. That means that another party cannot just go to the Park and set up their own event under the Pavilion. This has happened quite often. The Park remains open to the public but the Pavilion is reserved for a special events. Please be respectful of this. If you wish to have an event there please contact Town Hall to reserve your spot.
  • If there is an event at the Pavilion please do not disrupt it or invite yourself to partake in that event. If you weren't invited then you aren't welcome.
  • If you are enjoying the Park and you happen to take a drink bottle with you, please take the empty bottle to a garbage receptacle. That is what they are there for. Don't just leave it on the ground where you were playing or resting.
  • There are gates on the ball fields and horse rings - please close them when you are done.
  • There is plenty of parking in the open field. Please do not park or drive in the playground area.
  • The trash and recycling receptacles at the Park are not for your private use. Please do not clean out your car at the Park, and do not bring your home trash to the Park and dump it.

We thank you for respecting the rules and allowing everyone to enjoy this lovely Park.

Park Reservations

Please print the reservation form and forward it to the Town Hall. To confirm a date is available, please call 413-528-0182, ext. 17.

The park opens on April 15; the pavilion has been booked on the dates in red.


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