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1. How much are the Real Estate/Personal Property Taxes for Fiscal Year 2022?
2. What period does the Fiscal Year 2022 Real Estate / Personal Property Tax bill cover?
3. When are the Real Estate/Personal Property Taxes due?
4. What are Property (Real Estate) Taxes?
5. What is Preliminary tax?
6. What is Actual Tax?
7. I don't think my tax bill is correct, what should I do?
8. I mailed my payment from the Post Office at midnight on the due date; why do I have to pay interest?
9. I did not receive a tax bill; do I have to pay a penalty and interest?
10. My Real Estate taxes are paid by my mortgage company, why am I getting the tax bill?
11. How does my mortgage company know how much to pay?
12. I am the new owner of the property, why is the prior owner's name still on the Real Estate bill?
13. I received a Personal Property tax bill but no longer own the business or closed the business; or I am no longer a second home owner; who should I contact?